Boost Front Ends

Certainly the bike industry wants to sell you a fancy expensive new Boost bike, and LaMere Cycles would be happy to sell you one too.....but what you may only need is a Boost front end. So take your existing sweet full suspension or hardtail bike and let us sell you a Boost fork and build you a new wider front wheel with a big fresh grippy 3.0" tire and now you have the ultimate XC machine.


Why Ride a Boost Front End

I discovered this concept in the fall of 2015 and was immediately hooked. I had ridden all the new Boost bikes at Sea Otter and Interbike, and they were cool but slow....and although I just race for fun I like to go as fast as I can, and have come to realize a really nice setup is a normal size rear tire and a plus size front tire which provides amazing grip and speed through corners in singletrack, but still keeping the bike fast with a normal sized rear tire. 60% of the drag on your bike is on the back wheel you are sitting on and pedaling, so the faster normal size back tire is key. Then there's the want your back end to break loose in hard cornering before your front end....if your front end breaks loose you are going down, if your back end breaks loose you are ripping the trail having fun.

Boost front end carbon bike

Above is our 29er full suspension with a 30mm wide back 29er rim with 2.35" Racing Ralph, and the Fox Boost 34 15x110 fork on the front with a 38mm wide 650b front wheel with 3.0" Panaracer Fat B  Nimble tire.


To the right our 29er full suspension with same rear wheel but a 38mm carbon rim 29+ front wheel and 3" Bomboloni tire. Either setup will get you catching huger air, attacking corners, and generally stepping up your game by approximately 3 levels!

Boost front end
Boost front end

Here's same rear end setup as above with 650b+ front wheel but with the Rock Shox RS1 fork which is a great solution that fits 29+ wheels/tires no problem. Rock Shox does make a 29+ specific fork with a little more clearance as well.

Boost Front Ends

We can hand-build you a nice carbon LaMere hookless bead front wheel in 650b or 29er in either 38mm or 50mm external width with DTSwiss or Sapim spokes, any hubs you want, and either the Fox, RockShox RS1, Manitou, or any of the new Boost forks coming on the market now for the pricing below:

boost front end

Item and Price:

Fox 110 Boost Fork 120mm or 140mm Travel w 3.25" max tire clearance: $875.00

Remote Lockout: $65.00

650b + Rim in 38mm or 50mm width: $350.00

Spokes, choose either DTSwiss Competition or Revolution: $100.00

Nipples, we recommend brass, choose black or silver: $10.00

Ti Washers: $10.00

Onyx, I9, Hope, DTSwiss, Sram or any front hub, choose color: $190.00

Labor building front wheel: $90.00

Tubeless Tape DT Swiss brand: $15.00

WTB Aluminum TCS Valve 46mm Black Pair in black, red, or blue: $24.00

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Folding Bead 120tpi Tire, Black, 2.8" or 3" width: $86.99

WTB Bridger, Schwalbe Nobby Nic or Racing Ralph: $67.95

Labor to mount tubeless and pack for shipping: $90.00

Shipping in USA: $50.00

Total: $1,955

Video Review of Semi-Boost Bike

Carbon Boost Rigid Forks

We do sell some carbon rigid Boost 110 front forks for $420 apiece. We get these with our Boost hardtail frames but half the customers go to a suspension fork so we can sell some, mostly to Trek Stache owners. Pictured on the left below is the 29+ version with 500mm A2C and on the right the 27.5+ version with 492mm A2C. Both are tapered steerer tubes, and include the axles which are 15x110 QR thru-axle. Both are 51mm offset. 

29+ fork: 740g including axle

27.5+ fork: 770g including axle

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