Ultimate Value Customized Carbon Bicycles Sold Direct

Bike prices have gone out of control. We were tired of the bike industry’s pricing, and started LaMere Cycles to deliver the best value in carbon bicycles customized for each customer and delivered to their doorstep. We’ve cut all of the fat from our business model, and sell our bikes direct one at a time and built just how our customers want. We cater to the unattached racer, ex-pro or just savvy cyclist who wants to pay a fair price for a fully customized bike.


We’re changing up the rules of the bike industry, delivering high-end carbon bicycles at a fraction of the typical cost by cutting all the unnecessary links from the bicycle supply chain. We purchase frames direct from Asia, from the same factories that make Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, Santa Cruz, and 99% of all the carbon frames on the market today. By taking all the best aspects of each frame and rolling all those features into their own frame, we believe the frames the factories sell direct to smaller companies like LaMere actually yield the best frame available, and this is why we offer the best warranty in the industry -- our Lifetime Warranty.


Buying your perfect bike means making quite a few choices, which we are eager to help you with, providing gram weight and price differences on all the latest high-end components and wheelsets. Don’t let the bike shop push a bike on you that they want to sell in a size that might not be perfect for you, with a lot of components you want to swap out anyway... every LaMere bicycle is built on a custom basis, and in the process saving you about 30% off the MSRP price of a comparable big name bike.


We’re bike junkies like you, and we sell bikes the way we want to buy them... direct from the company that is building YOUR optimum bike... choosing the wheelset, parts group, cockpit, and all other aspects that best fit your budget and riding style. Our no-frills approach means 0% of your bike price goes toward big bike company salaries, fancy advertising, pro sponsorships, paintjobs, marketing, or any other part of the bloated bicycle industry supply chain.


We keep a large inventory of frames at our HQ in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We purchase parts directly from the biggest names in the bike industry, including Sram, Shimano, Industry 9, Schwalbe, RaceFace, Fox, etc... skipping even the big distributors like QBP whenever we can and saving our customers the max amount of money on their bike build. We have some of the best bike mechanics in the midwest on staff earning real salaries who love building, designing, and test-riding high end bikes, not doing repairs or typical bike shop service work. We can ship your bike to you anywhere in the world with minimal assembly required. We never lie about the weight of our bikes or components, and are very good at estimating an almost exact weight of the bike we can build for you. We ship all our bikes via BikeFlights in a super rugged box we affectionately call The Coffin which you can see below.

Call us any time at 612-315-3905 and we’ll work with you personally to build your dream bike.

Another custom carbon LaMere bike ready to be shipped to anywhere in the world.