World's Lightest Full Suspension Fat Bike!

Fat Bike Mode

27.5 rims with 4.5" tires

Dopa Angle_Shadow_Cutout_191121.png

*Fits 27.5 Fat and Summer 29+ Wheels

*Fits 5" Tires   *69.5 degree HT angle

*100mm BB Shell  *2200g Full Carbon Frame

*Interchangeable 170/177 & 190/197 Rear Ends

The Dopamine is an awesome-riding XC bike... oh, and it's a fat bike!  For spring/summer/fall ride it with 130mm travel and 29+ or 29er wheels for fast XC riding/racing, or put 160mm of travel on the front and 650b+ wheels for enduro riding. The Dopamine is the do-everything bike with a quick & lively 69.5 degree HT angle in 29er mode and 115mm of rear travel which makes it an awesome XC race and ride machine.... great for catching some fast air and hard cornering thru berms and riding with total confidence thru anything you encounter and with a nice, narrow 203mm Q-Factor! Whatever level of rider you are, get ready to jump up one full level when you climb aboard the Dopamine!

The Dopamine fits 29+ wheels, and has a racey 69.5 degree headtube angle for quick steering for advanced riders and racers that want to burst out of corners and stand up and hammer to the finish line. We have interchangeable rear triangles so you can run either 177 or 197 rear but for riders over 150lbs we highly recommend the stiffer 177 rear.

Every bike we build is custom built at a price way below retail. We buy our frames and rims direct from Taiwan, and components directly from Sram and Shimano at OEM pricing. Order a bike exactly the way you want and don't waste time and money changing components. We work with our customers directly around the world to deliver the ultimate bike at the ultimate price.... call or email today and we'll price out a build optimized for you.

Full supension fat bike on 29" wheels

With 29+ Wheels

50mm rims, 3" tires

Full Suspension Carbon Fat Bike

650b+ Wheels

38mm rims, 3" tires

Full suspension carbon fatbik

26" Fat Wheels

The Dopamine getting rad in Alaska...


Some Example Dopamine Builds (scroll....)

LaMere Dopamine Full Suspension Carbon Fat Bike

17.5" Dopamine with our 29+ wheels 38mm wide with WTB Ranger tires tubeless, DTSwiss Big Ride hubs, Bluto 120mm front and Debonair rear with Sram Eagle X01.

Weight 26.2lbs

Dopamine frame size 17" weighing 2170g without rear thru-axle in the frame which weighs 107g.

Frame Only $2250

We sell the Dopamine frame as is for $2250 and for just $300 more we will install the amazingly plush and ultra-tunable Cane Creek DB Air Inline 190x40 rear shock. Available in either 177TA or 197TA rear end with threaded 100mm BB and utilizing 31.6mm seatpost and 34.9mm seatpost clamp. Available in sizes 15", 17", 19", and 21". 15" Frame weighs 2170g, rear thru axle weighs 107g. Headset is IS42/IS52.

Fred M. in Canada 8.29.16

"I like my Dopamine so much, I would like to purchase another Dopamine for my brother. 

Rod O in Canada 1.10.17

Wicked Thanks JP!!

I'm loving the Dopamine!!

Rode it and switched with my wife ( carbon fatboy) mid ride - the rear suspension / rear end conformance makes SUCH a big difference !!


Once I'm healed I'll ride with the group again and let them take it for a spin- they'll be hooked- lol

Chris M in Florida

JP,  The bike is sick!!!

First day I got to test it out. Much better than expected.  

Customer Reviews:

Seth J from Michigan  8.8.16

Regarding the Dopamine:

Honestly,  I was floored how well it rode! I did almost nothing to set the suspension.  I set the pressure for correct sag on the rear and front and a few turns in from full fast rebound and thats it. Rear shock settings are how they came... I love the tires so far! Plenty of traction, easy to pedal and no crazy self steer. My concern about the head angle being too steep, gone!

Sami M in Finland:


Just came from a good riding session with my team mates. 


The bike is simply awesome! It's very agile, quick to steer, climbs like a mountain goat to places where others can only dream about going. I also took it to a small DH course and it takes jumps and corners very well. 


All in all, first impression is A+!!!


You've got a winner bike!!



Nate the Trail Rat from MI  1.16.17

Hi JP, I finally finished my Dopamine build and have a couple rides on it now... wow this bike really is amazing!! I'm very pleased, it totally exceeded my expectations... 


I was a little worried about some of the specs on paper but OMG don't change a thing!! This geometry is so dialed that this bike literally does everything very well... climbs great whether you're in or out of the saddle, goes downhill with a vengeance, it's perfectly balanced in the air, the suspension soaks up everything,  the power transfer is incredible, it carves the turns and still has excellent pedal clearance... (and I'm sure you already know all of this :)


I can not say enough good things about the way this bike performs... it's every bit as good as or better than my 150mm Stumpjumper and it blows away the Bucksaw that I demo'ed and was impressed with... obviously I can't draw any comparisons with my rigid Fatboy. Went on a group ride of 15 this past Saturday and this bike stole the show... I was cleaning climbs that no one else could and I told them it's the bike, cuz my Fatboy with these very wheels and drivetrain did not climb like this... and then one of my long time riding buddies who spent the day chasing me on his new Farley EX 9.8 said he was gonna start calling me Mario LaMere.


Bottom line this is an amazing bike and you were a pleasure to work with... Thank you, I could not be happier!! 

Aaron S from Cuyuna:

That Dopamine?  What can I say?  It will make a person grin & giggle like a 6 yr old when they try it.

Jorge Canan 10.17.17

The dopamine performed great, climbed great, and ripped down the hills with incredible confidence... took it on the local expert trails like High Line which is very similar to the Jackson Trail in Moab and The Hangover trail which leaves you hanging for life at times with real expert downhill drops towards the end

James R 11.7.2017

Hi JP,  I really put the bike through the paces on Saturday and it performed flawlessly!  I love the bike, it fits perfectly.  I think I'll keep the tire setup as it is.  It handled extremely rocky steep climbs as well as fast declines and deep sand.  Most of the group I led were on mountain bikes and had to walk the sand.  The Dopamine blew through it!  I am definitely a happy camper :-)

Greg G in Iowa 8.26.18

"I wasn’t really sure how much time I’d spend on my Dopamine when I bought it.  I have ridden it more than I anticipated… I checked tonight, and I have over 2000 miles on it in the past 18 months.  Obviously useful in Iowa winters, but I ride it in warm weather much more than I expected… it’s super comfy. "

Bob in NY 11.24.19

Many compliments on what a nice looking bike it is. Even got flagged down by another rider on the trail. He recognized it as a full suspension fat bike and wanted to check it out. Seemed to know bikes and was very impressed. 

One of the group was riding a Specialized full carbon fat tire with the Bluto which he loves. We traded for a few and agreed the ride on the Dopamine was in a whole other league. 

Well enough rambling.  In short,  LOVE THE BIKE!

Thanks & Be Well!