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Besides building our own high-end carbon custom E-Bikes and eMTBs, we also sell E-Bikes by the world's top brands, including: Haibike, Bulls, Yamaha, and M1 and sell them direct to customers worldwide. We can customize any bike exactly how you want at a super-low cost, because we'll use the take-off parts on other normal bike builds. We also offer free shipping anywhere in USA!
We build E-Bikes for real cyclists! Contact us directly for best pricing -- we have very low overhead and offer unbeatable pricing.
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LaMere Carbon E-Fat Bikes


Our new eSummit is the most ultimate electric fat bike on planet Earth! The only eFat that fits big 27.5 fat wheels with big 4.5" tires with room to spare. We achieve this via a custom offset spider and flared-out alloy cranks. Full-carbon full-suspension frame, Shimano E8000 motor, Darfon internal battery... This bike is also awesome to ride in the non-snow season with 4" tires, or you can always replace the rear end with our carbon Boost rear end and turn this into a normal summer eMTB!

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LaMere Carbon eMTB Bikes


We import the top carbon frames from Asia and build them up just how customers want, typically with the Shimano motor system, but as new frames and motors become available, we'll always be offering the latest greatest. We are eBike junkies and ride the heck out of everything we import before offering it for sale. We can customize a world class eBike any way you like and sell it to you directly at the best price you will find using top componentry from Shimano, Sram, Fox, RaceFace and all the top vendors we buy from directly at OEM pricing. 

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The largest eBike brand in the world, German-based Haibike makes a huge range of amazing eBikes running the Bosch and Yamaha motors. LaMere Cycles is one of the nation's largest Haibike dealers, and due to our low overhead here in Minneapolis we can sell you any Haibike at an incredible price along with free USA shipping. But you need to contact us for the best pricing, as we can't advertise lower pricing than MSRP. We can customize a Haibike any way you like, giving you a super price on any upgrades as we'll use your take-off parts on normal bike builds... So if you want carbon wheels, nicer tires, internal cables wrapped in rubber tubing, carbon cockpit, a different dropper post, speed enhancements, etc. we do it all! Just say the word!

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The pioneer of the E-Bike, Yamaha has actually been making power-assist electric bicycles for over 25 years, but they have only been available in Japan and other parts of Asia until very recently. Yamaha motors have been our preferred motors in the Haibike line, and now Yamaha is in the USA E-Bike market, with a very big push to become a dominant player with great value value on their entire line of E-Bikes, including: hybrids, commuters with fenders and rack, hardtail and full-sus mtn bikes, road bikes, and a very cool gravel bike called the Wabash.

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Bulls offers a huge range of E-Bikes, and are one of the largest performance brands in Europe and now available here in the USA, via a handful of select dealers like LaMere Cycles. Like our other E-Bikes we sell, we can customize any aspect of the bike to your desires, at a low price.

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The Fastest, Most Powerful Production E-Bike,

M1 of Germany makes some of the best E-Bikes on the planet, with big motors and big batteries. Full carbon frame and a powerful 800w motor that comes in off-road mode, so no need to tune it to bust the 18mph speed limit... This bike easily runs at 40mph! 650b+ wheels and 3" tires make this bike very stable on the trail and gives it a truly amazing ride. M1 now makes super commuter and other bikes as well.

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