World's Lightest Full Suspension E-Bike 35.9lbs

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World's Lightest Full Suspension e-MTB

We can even make it lighter if you want! The Shimano E8000 motor is instant engagement and weighs 5lbs and is known as the best on the planet.... the external battery mount is maybe not as svelte looking as internal batteries but way lighter and so easy to change battery quick and easy. DTSwiss carbon XMC 1200 wheels, and world's lightest 149g X313 full carbon rear shock, Lauf Trail Racer front fork, weight weenie Tune carbon saddle, carbon everything, this bike will get incredible range and awesome for easy XC trails.  Weighs 35.9lbs.

Price: $8300

eVade Ebike XC

38.5lb Electric XC 650b+/29er....... the eVade 

If you're looking for the lightest 4" travel XC electric race bike for staying fresh for the weekend race or motorpacing your team, this is the bike for you. So much fun to ride, does not even feel like an E-Bike at just 38.5lbs. Run 650b+ or standard 29er wheels.

Shown here with 29er wheels and burly Fox Factory 34 fork 27.5+ size, wide 42mm carbon 29er rims, and Sram's E-Bike specific EX1 drivetrain which has a tool steel cassette and super tough chain. The powerful, light, nearly silent Shimano E-8000 motor is simply the best with almost no lash like the Yamaha and Bosch motors.

We can build one up for you any way you like at direct to consumer pricing. We think we could get one down to 36lbs if you'll let us try.

Price: $7500

eVade 2.0 with Internal Battery

We now have a Small size 15.5" eVade

We Can Build it as an E-Gravel or Full Suspension E-Road Bike

Electric Full Suspension Road Bike

The first of its kind.... an electric full suspension road bike. Using the powerful Shimano E8000 motor with the speed governor removed this bike cruises easily at 35mph if you want. If you're tired of the cracks in the bike bath or just understand the physics of a bit of travel smoothing you out makes you faster, and you're not an E-Bike hater, then you probably understand this bike, if not keep h8tin! LED lights run off the main battery but use very little juice.

Price: $8250

Frames Available in stealth black or hi-viz yellow

Drawing for 18" Med size eVade, other sizes coming soon.

Standover Height of Med 17.5" in 29er mode with Racing Ralph 2.25" tires is 720mm. 

Standover Height of Med 17.5" in 27.5+ mode with Nobby Nic 3.0 and Dirt Wizard 3.0 is 715mm.

Contact us today for a custom build or anything.

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