Full Suspension E-Gravel / E-Adventure / E-Road Bike

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Electric, Carbon, Full Suspension, Do-Everything Bike!

We took our eVade frame (our carbon XC e-MTB), put drop bars on it and gravel wheels and created the first of its kind... an electric full suspension gravel/road bike. Using the powerful Shimano E8000 motor, this bike easily cruises anywhere you want. If you're tired of the cracks in the bike path or just understand the physics of how a bit of suspension smoothing you out makes you faster, then you probably understand this bike.

Just like all of our other bikes, electric and non, this carbon frame can be built up any way you'd like -- completely custom to your likes and wants. Give us a call or drop us an email and let's talk about getting you out there on one of these rad machines soon!

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