1500g Fat Wheelsets!

Our partnership with Tune hubs from Germany, and Berd spokes and HED wheels in Minnesota gives us the unique ability to build the lightest fat bike wheelsets on the planet. Durable, ride-able, everyday workhorse fat bike wheels, not just blingy show wheels. We use either LaMere 65mm or 85mm carbon double wall rims or HED carbon 85mm rims (896g per set) with the incredibly smooth and light Berd polymer spokes (148g per set), Tune hubs (381g per set), 60g for airtight washers, 20g for alloy nipples and you have the world's lightest fat wheelset at 1503g! 

Weight in Grams of Various Wheelset Configurations:

HED 85 Big Deal rims, Berd Spokes, Alloy Nipples: 1503g

HED 85 Big Deal rims, DT Rev Spokes, Alloy Nipples: 1629g

LaMere 65 carbon double wall rims, DT Rev Spokes, Alloy Nipples: 1741g

We highly recommend brass nipples, which add 44g

HED BHD 27.5 rims add 116g, HED BFD add 196g

Here's a set of about the lightest fat bike wheels in the world... built them up for a hopeful world champ:  Tune Fat Kong hubs 177/150, DTSwiss Revolution spokes, HED 26x85 Big Deal single wall carbon rims, brass nipples. 1670g!

Here's a set of the world's lightest fat bike 27.5 wheels, using Tune Fat Kong hubs, UHMW spokes, HED 27.5x85 Big Half Deal single wall carbon rims: 1540g!

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