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How We Really Feel About the Bike Industry

Why is it so hard for bike companies to list the real weight of their bikes, components, and wheelsets? We tell you exactly what your bike will weigh and create a build sheet for you showing the exact weight of every single component on your bike.


And then there’s pricing... Do these big brands really expect you to pay over $10,000 for their top model bike, and then not even give you the choice of compact or standard crankset, size of cranks, angle and length of stem, width and shape of bars, etc? We believe there are better things to spend money on, like taking awesome bike trips or donating to trail expansion and preservation. We believe there is a better way!


You probably already know the difference between bike brands is negligible, and 99% of all carbon frames are manufactured in the same handful of factories in China and Taiwan where they have specialized in the labor intensive process of building the world’s carbon bicycle frames and rims for many years. We source our frames directly from these top Asian factories that make the frames of the major brands, but we don’t charge the major price. We keep our overhead minimal, and sell direct around the world.


No more scrounging for a Pro-Form deal or joining some bike team just to get the discount… at LaMere Cycles everyone gets the Pro Deal!

The big Asian factories producing the frames of the big brands are aware of which frames break or have problems because these are the frames returned to them for warranty replacement. The result of this feedback is the knowledge of which frame design and carbon fiber layup schedule is superior in terms of durability and weight, and this knowledge is what creates the frames the factories create for themselves and sell directly to agents and distributors like LaMere Cycles, which utilizes about 80% of the factory direct frame designs and 20% of their own designs.


The more recent development in Asia is a crowd of smaller factories trying to jump into the game, make carbon frames and sell them direct on Ali-Baba, and those frames do not have the testing, experience, and quality of the large, established factories which never sell direct in small quantities. LaMere Cycles has been buying direct from the reputable large factories since 2011 and is very confident in the quality of the carbon frames we sell which is why we offer our Lifetime Warranty.

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