Dopamine Full Suspension Fat


We now proudly unleash the world's lightest full-suspension carbon fat bike. The Dopamine is our proprietary frame design with a quick-steering 69.5 degree headtube angle built around 120mm front travel with 29+ wheels or 160mm of travel with 27+ wheels and a variety of positions for fat bike wheels. We recommend the 177 rear but have 197 rear option as well. An awesome full-carbon trail/mtn/fat bike with minimal lateral flex that let's you climb like a goat and rip singletrack. It's the most amazing full-suspension bike we've ever ridden, and it's a fat bike! The ability to buy one off-road bike that does everything, this is the exact opposite of what the bike industry wants, so let the hating begin!


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We Can Also Build it as an E-Gravel or Full Suspension E-Road Bike

Killer Bee.JPG

Electric Full Suspension Road Bike

The first of its kind... an electric full suspension road bike. Using the powerful Shimano E8000 motor with the speed governor removed, this bike easily cruises at 35mph if you want. If you're tired of the cracks in the bike bath or just understand the physics of a bit of travel smoothing you out makes you faster, and you're not an E-Bike hater, then you probably understand this bike, if not keep h8tin! LED lights run off the main battery but use very little juice.