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Why I Started LaMere Cycles

Hi, my name is JP LaMere and I’ve been riding and racing mountain and road bikes for over 30 years and am a cycling junkie. I'm the former Marketing Manager at Park Tool and I speak Mandarin after living in China and Taiwan, so I know the bike biz pretty well. Like you and every cyclist I know, I became sick of bike industry pricing and sick of always trying to scrounge up the Team or Pro Deal just to be able to afford the good stuff. So I began importing open mould carbon frames from Asia, and building them up with my long-time buddy and singlespeed world champ Jay in Minneapolis. We tried all the frames from all the top factories in China and Taiwan to know which are the best and which to avoid. I wanted to let everyone get a better deal on a high end carbon bike that should not cost anywhere near what the bloated bike industry is charging.


The overarching goal of LaMere Cycles is to sell bikes the way I want to buy them, which means dealing directly with the company producing my frame and having the ability to choose every aspect of my bike build to get a fully customized bike at about 30% below retail, and to know that if I break the frame I can get a new one right away without the bike shop or bike company jerking me around. If you break a frame we’re going to get you on a new one right away. See our warranty policy which is the best in the bike business.


Call me any time directly to talk bikes in the USA, day or eve at 612-315-3905, I never get sick of talking bikes!


Thx, JP

JP shredding fat
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