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The New All-Road eBike

It's the world's best electric, full-suspension, fat bike, the eSummit, built up in summer's clothing. Even though the eSummit can be built in multiple configurations, this version is so awesome it deserves it's own webpage and name: The eSummer!

We've taken our eSummit, swapped out the rear triangle for its carbon Boost version, added a 29er suspension fork with some gravel tires and created the fastest, most comfortable, all-road eBike there is! Why keep pretending that drop bars are comfortable when you don't need that aero advantage on an eBike? Ride flat! Plus, it can still operate as your XC-capable eMTB with 120mm rear travel! Two incredible bikes in one.

Frame Geometry Here

Super eVade

The eSummer--Full Suspension, All-Road Mastery

eSummit geo

All measurements in mm, angles in degrees

Copy of S 16 M 18 L 20 XL 24 (3)_edited_
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