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Warranty Policy of LaMere Cycles
Best in the Business!

We pride ourselves on having the best and easiest warranty and crash replacement policy in the bicycle industry. This is one of the benefits of acquiring our frames and rims factory direct; if we need to replace an item, it's not going to break our bank account and we're not going to argue or drag our feet getting a new frame or wheelset back out to you, as stock allows. Carbon bike frames and components break sometimes, due to manufacturing defects, pushing the envelope a little too far, or from crashing. It's just the way it goes. All major bike brands have almost the exact same failure rate of frames and ours is no different. If you do a lot of riding, you might have already broken a carbon frame or two.


Crash Replacement Policy

f you break a LaMere frame, wheelset, or other component--from crashing, accident, hi-jinx, mayhem, driving into your garage, having a gnarly rock put a hole in your downtube, or any type of pilot error--we will sell you a brand new frame at dealer cost plus shipping. You would pay shipping charges for sending in your frame, we'd pay shipping for sending the frame back to you, in the USA, or we would split the shipping charges with you if shipping outside the USA. If you are not the original owner of a LaMere frame that has crashed, we will honor the Crash Replacement Policy for an additional $100 charge.


Manufacturing Defect Policy

If your LaMere frame, wheelset, or component breaks due to an inherent structural deficiency then we will want to receive your broken item before sending your replacement, since we need to send the defective item back to the manufacturer in Asia for quality control purposes. We would send out your new item when we receive your broken one. You would only pay shipping costs for sending in the broken item.


As with everything in the bike industry these days, we too are subject to possible long wait times in our supply chain, and a few of our products are no longer manufactured. However, we do have many of our frames in stock, right here in Minnesota. So, if we have what you need, we'll do all we can to ship that new frame out to you in a timely manner. Otherwise, we'll let you know the latest on when we expect new stock and work with you on a plan from there.


The warranty we offer is an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on all our frames for the original owner, as simply put forward above, and is between you, our customer, and LaMere Cycles, LLC of Minnesota, USA.


For more info or clarifications please send us an email: Sales[at]


Or give us a call directly in the USA any time, day or evening, at: 612-315-3905

This bike is broken - Warranty!
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