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Diode v4 gold

The New V4 Diode w/ 720wh Battery

**Note: LaMere eMTB racing e-bikes are available as Class 3 or Derestricted style and not governed down to any certain limit. Customers must sign our Hold Harmless agreement, making sure they comply with their local road, bike path, and trail regulations.

the v4 Diode

The new full carbon Diode V4 features a plush 160mm of rear travel with one of the largest currently available 720wh batteries for huge range over any terrain. The new V4 can run 29+ wheels/tires, fits piggy back and trunnion rear shocks with a carbon rear mud blocker, and has a water bottle mount. Choose either the Shimano E8000 or EP8 motor. Smart eMTB buyers look at the best combo of light weight, size of battery, and best features.... and that is this bike and more.... we'd love to build you one any way you like!

V4 Diode specs and geometry

Geometry​ of V4 Diode

Customer Review from JB

The new DIODE V4 performs as good as it looks! In fact I love everything about the bike and the build! The Di2 electronic shifting is one of the highlights. It is fast and precise. The FOX 38 Factory Fork in combination with the rear Fox Shock seem to work together to smooth out the roots, rocks and drops along the trail and combine with the new Shimano Motor, the LaMere Carbon Rims and the Maxxis Tires I selected, to create an incredibly smooth ride.
While I absolutely still love my old Diode and am keeping it for sure, this new upgraded version, exceeds every expectation I had and I am so happy I made the decision to add another LaMere eMTB to my inventory.
Thanks so much for making every ride I go on, regardless of the Diode I choose, an exceptional experience.
If my 1st Diode didn't attract enough attention (which it did), the V4 is destined to be the talk of the town.

Customer Review from Jim K
The frame is crazy stiff.  I mean REALLY stiff.  Love it.  Big guy friendly. First DI2 bike.  Hated it in first 5 minutes, then loved it by end of the ride. The fox 38 is super plush, stiff and fun. I ride dirt bikes as well.  Its a very dirt bike like fork.   I would urge all buyers to to go this way.  It matches the stiffens of the frame nicely. I noticed the thing is Bluetooth enabled.  Didn’t realize that.  Super cool.  Love adjusting the power ratings per mode. The frame is on the big size for large.  Kept the seat post slammed as low as possible and was just barely low snuff at full extension. 29+ is the right set up in my mind.  Glad I did that. The bike pedals surprising well.  Did alot of zero boost pedaling on flat trails riding with wife.  I would way it pedals better then a turbo Levo with no boost on. The amount of power in “boost” mode is very Moto.  Can’t really imaging needing more power off-road.  I was a little worried about the power output of the e8000 vs the Levo.  But its a non issue. Overall, this is an AWESOME set up and I love it.  Really appreciate the professional details on the build.

Customer Review from Kim Bear

My LaMere E-Bike     Game changer!

I just got my LaMere E-bike on Sunday December 27th and it is a game changer.  On Friday December 25th I went riding on my regular mountain bike in the cold and wind.  I dreaded it and rode my most comfortable trail for a total of 7 miles.  On Sunday, I got on my E-bike and was excited to go ride in the cold, wind and snow.  I rode trails I normally would not pick and explored finding snow and ice.  With an E-bike, you don’t mind challenges.  I rode 23 miles exploring trails I would not try unless I was riding with my husband. The LaMere E-bike is amazing.  You still get a great work out and I ride even harder because the more you pedal, the more assist you get. It is giving me confidence to ride more technical parts of the trail and ride it with speed.  I look forward to riding my LaMere E-bike every day that I can!

Kim Bear

Original 42lb Diode eMTB External Battery

Original Diode

The LaMere Diode with Shimano Motor
Hand-Built in Minnesota Any Way You Like 

We designed the LaMere Diode to fit 29+ wheels for fast XC riding and maintaining speed thru corners and rock gardens with a high 370mm BB height that let's you keep pedaling. When we build it with 100% engagement Onyx hubs and the nearly 100% engagement Shimano motor, there is no play in the cranks, which makes you faster and makes your drivetrain last way longer. This frame is about 2lbs lighter than our V4 Diode so we can build the whole bike up lighter for ultimately fast eMTB riding and racing.... catching air even on the XC trail!  We would love to build one up for you any way you like with any suspension from Fox, RockShox, DVO, MRP, etc... with any groupset, any cockpit, any options you want. All Diodes are hand-built by our super mechanics here in Minnesota and shipped to you directly, saving you about $5000 and about 4lbs in weight compared to mainstream bike industry bikes. 

Just a little uphill air on the Diode...

Custom Pink Diode

Custom paint available!

Check out the Diode in semi-Fat Bike Mode!

Simply mounting a 4" Terrene Cake Eater studded 27.5 tire on the rear on a 50mm wide rim allows it to work surprisingly well on the snow, especially groomed singletrack or snowmobile trails. If you want the best actual eFat check out the eSummit which fits EVERY wheel/tire size.

black and white Diode in semi-fat mode
Diode V4 with Lauf

The XT Di2 shifting runs off the main battery, and the new Firebolt Switch Unit incorporates the same design and shifting feel as XT Di2 and makes flipping through power assist modes as easy as shifting gears. Read more on the Shimano E8000 system HERE.

Like all LaMere bikes we will customize your build any way you like and sell it to you directly at an unbeatable price!

Shimano Drive System

The amazing new Shimano E8000 motor and drive system features nearly 100% engagement with a completely user-tunable interface. Carry an extra 5.5lb battery for longer rides and quickly swap it out with the turn of a key. Deore XT cranks with normal Q-factor and Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket for added strength and direct power transfer. Unlike other E-Bikes that suffer from huge lash or play in the cranks, the Shimano motor, in combination with the world's best instant-engagement Onyx hubs, creates a fully engaged riding experience unlike any other E-Bike.

Shimano eBike drive


V1 Diode frame

Like all LaMere bikes, the Diode can be built up just the way you want with any grouppo, wheelset, suspension, tire combo, and cockpit you want. We can also sell you just the Diode frame with complete Shimano motor, battery, cranks, display and electrical system, and Fox Float DPS Trunnion Mount Factory shock.

Geometry​ of Original V1 Diode

V1 Diode frame geo and specs
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