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The eSummit!

The World's Best Electric Fat Bike

The only full carbon, full suspension, electric fat bike powered by the latest Shimano EP8 or EP801 motor, hand built in Minnesota, USA

eSummit LaMere external battery
eSummit internal battery
External 630wh Battery Model
Internal 504wh Battery Model

We've had a blast riding the best fat e-bikes during the last few winters here in MN, but none of them could fit big 5" tires on the rear or 27.5 fat wheels. Which is so frustrating...So we made our own! Our full-carbon, full-suspension, fat e-bike, the eSummit! It's driven by the latest and greatest Shimano EP8 or EP801 mid-drive motor. Our eSummit fits the big 27.5 wheel size, with the big 4.5" tires, with frame clearance to spare! We achieve this with a custom offset spider and flared cranks, which make for a perfect chainline and, seriously, the most awesome bike we've ever ridden. The eSummit - the ultimate electric fat bike!

And now, with the new Shimano EP801motor, the eSummit can come factory-configured to be a Class 3, 28mph top assisted speed, super eFat bike!!


Double Duty!!  Replace the rear end with a carbon Boost rear triangle for the non-snow season and turn it into your amazing XC eMTB summer ride, with 120mm of rear travel on 29ers or 27.5+ wheels. Or, put 27.5 x 4.0" tires on and rip the singletrack in fat mode with the most amazing traction ever, on a bike so light it flies and floats over chatter. The eSummit delivers all the promise of a fat bike without feeling sluggish...the motor sets you free on the trail!


We designed the eSummit with a nice and high BB height (380mm with 4.6 Cake Eater tires and 363mm with 4.0 size), but still with the feel and handling of a nimble XC race bike. You really feel down inside the cockpit with ultimate confidence, yet still able to pedal through any corner or rock garden.

Contact us for a full spec sheet or to custom build your eSummit any way you like!

LaMere eSummit - the ultimate electric fat bike
LaMere eSummit - the ultimate electric fat bike
LaMere eSummit - the ultimate electric fat bike

So, What's This Awesome eFat Bike Cost?

Since we build our bikes custom made to order, we don't have a set price for the eSummit. But, the typical custom eSummits we build range in price from $8400 to $12,400.

eSummit Comp Med 1

$8400 eSummit


$12,400 eSummit

Some Typical Build Differences:

  • Shimano Deore 12-speed Mechanical Drivetrain

  • HED Big Aluminum Deal Wheelset w/ HED Hubs

  • Manitou Mastodon Comp Fork

  • Terrene Cake Eater 26 x 4.6" Unstudded

  • Shimano Deore M6100 Dual-Piston Hydraulic Brakes

  • Shimano XT Di2 12-speed Drivetrain

  • LaMere Carbon Wheelset w/ Onyx Hubs

  • Manitou Mastodon Pro Fork

  • Terrene Johnny 5 26" x 5.0" Studded

  • Shimano XT M8100 Quad-Piston Hydraulic Brakes

  • NiteRider E-Pro Lights, Hard-Wired

Build Your eSummit in Baja Mode!

baja front right

Baja Mode eSummit, the ultimate ATV of eBikes with our skinny 70mm carbon rims and narrow 4" tires. This bike floats over sand and rocks and shale and mud and anything you can throw at it. The ultimate year-round ride for sand, snow, SoCal or Baja decomposed granite, actual granite, everything!

Now Offering an Adventure Package for Your eSummit!

Add racks from Old Man Mountain to the front and back and convert your eSummit into a super-utility eMTB or eBikePacking rig!

eSummit Adventure Package

No eMTB is More Versatile!

Replace Rear Triangle for Summer Mode, Boost Rear, Normal eMTB XC

super mag esummit 1
eSummit in XC eMTB mode

...Or Stay in Full Fat Mode with Our Sweet Carbon Mag Wheels

Super eVade 1
eSummit in 29er Plus mode

...Or Go Summer eVade Mode with 29er Wheels and Gravel or Road Tires

...Or Keep It in FatBike Mode with 29+ Wheels & 3" Tires

Quickie Video of eSummit in Action

Scroll right/left to see Various eSummit Builds

eSummit geo

All measurements in mm, angles in degrees

Stand-Over Heights for The eSummit

Small with 26" wheels and 4.6" tires --- 28.25"

Med with 26" wheels and 4.6" tires --- 30.25"

Large with 27.5” wheels and 4.5” tires --- 31.5"

XL with 27.5” wheels and 4.5” tires --- 34.25"

eSummit Geometry

eSummit Geometry Anchor
Copy of S 16 M 18 L 20 XL 24 (3)_edited_
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