Custom Carbon Fat Wheelset Options

We hand-build the world's nicest fat bike wheelsets on either LaMere or HED carbon rims with any hubs you want, including: Onyx, Tune, Industry 9, Bitex, or DTSwiss. We typically use DTSwiss Revolution spokes but can do the amazing Berd spokes as well, and we always go the extra step of using Ti washers.

Fat Rim Options

LaMere Rims

We tried all the carbon fat rims coming out of the top factories in Asia and the ones we import now are the best available. Our 65mm rim weighs 505g and our 85mm rim weighs 620g, all 32h and tough double wall construction. We also now have a 27.5 fat rim that is 75mm wide. Our rims set up tubeless super easy and hold tubeless great.

fat-rims-1 copy cropped.jpg

We now also have the latest single wall carbon fat rim in both 26 and 27.5 sizes. These rims are super strong and hold tubeless tires extremely well. 

LaMere Single Wall Fat 26_ 85mm width w
LaMere Fat 26_ Single Wall Rim Spex.jpg

We can hand-build you a wheelset with LaMere Carbon Fat Rims and Bitex hubs for $2200. Build it with Onyx hubs and the price comes to $2400.

HED Rims

HED makes the lightest fat bike rims in a variety of widths right here in Minnesota. We can build a set any way you like or just supply you a set built by HED at a great price, much lower than anyone can publish on the web. If you want the ultimate in light weight fat rims or wheels, HED is your choice. Especially if we build a set with Tune hubs and Berd spokes -- the lightest combo currently available on Earth.

Hed Rim Pic.jpg

Fat Hub Options

Pros & cons of the main fat bike hubs we use:

These are our favorite hubs, and the best-quality hubs currently available to mankind by way of their unique and patented sprag clutch, which allows instant 100% engagement and the fastest (and silent) coasting of any hub. They are a bit heavier than other hubs due to the sprag system, and a little more expensive, but most customers we've sold these hubs to end up switching some or all their other wheelsets to using Onyx hubs. They also come in a wide array of sweet colors. They can also put a custom logo/lettering on it if you want!
Average weight of 197/150 hubset: 766g





These fat hubs are probably the best bang for the buck in terms of weight and price. Bitex is the world's largest hub manufacturer, and actually make a bunch of the hub brands you are already familiar with. They are quiet with good engagement, and we buy them in bulk direct from Bitex in Taiwan so they are by far the best deal. We always keep them in stock in silver and black colors, 32h, 177 and 197 rears and 150 fronts, with XD, HG, or MS driver bodies.Average weight of 197/150 hubset: 570g

onyx fat hub.jpg
bitex angle white background.jpg

Industry 9

Probably what we sell most of, they are both an excellent combination of weight and performance, and are available in a ton of cool colors. Handmade in Asheville, NC, we've been buying direct from I9 for over 5 years. They are great to work with and they're all great riders, so you know their stuff is well-designed and tested. We buy the J-bend hubs from them, but we can get you a great deal on any full wheelset from them including their cool hollow alloy direct pull spokes which means no nipples so less rotating weight out by the rim where it matters.Average weight of 197/150 hubset: 550g

industry 9 fat hub.jpg

*Because of the over-abundance of people loving bikes during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following hub manufacturers are all out of stock for now:


We are the exclusive USA distributor of Tune hubs from Germany which are amazingly light and still work great. If you want the ultimate lightweight wheelset, this is your choice. We have them in stock in red, white, and black, but can order any other colors they make with a 2 week delivery time from Germany.Average weight of 197/150 hubset: 407g

tune fat hub.jpg


Like Onyx, the DTSwiss Big Ride fat hubs have a unique engagement mechanism on their rear hub which is their star ratchet system that works really well and is super light. We can upgrade the engagement of your Big Ride hubs from 18 T / 20° engagement  up to  36 T / 10° engagement  or even 54 T / 6.6° engagement. We buy directly from DTSwiss, no distributors involved so the lowest possible OEM pricing.Average weight of 197/150 hubset: 546g

big ride fat rear hub.jpg

Gallery of Various Fat Wheelsets

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Berd Spokes on LaMere
Berd Spokes on LaMere

Berd spokes with Tune Fat Kong hubs on LaMere carbon fat rims 65mm rear and 85mm front. 177 XD rear and 135QR front. 1770g

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1670g Hed rims Tune hubs
1670g Hed rims Tune hubs

One of the world's lightest fat bike wheelsets, Tune Hubs 177/150 DTRev spokes, HED 26x85 carbon rim. 1670g

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1700g Set LaMere with Berd Spokes
1700g Set LaMere with Berd Spokes

LaMere 65mm rims with DTSwiss hubs 197/150, 940g rear and 820g front.

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LaMere 65mm rims w/ Onyx
LaMere 65mm rims w/ Onyx

65mm width LaMere carbon fat rims with Onyx 197 rear and 135TA front with lighter alloy driver body. 2100g.

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LaMere 38mm Fat Summer Wheelset
LaMere 38mm Fat Summer Wheelset

LaMere carbon 38mm rims with Onyx fat hubs - a 29er fat summer wheelset. In Florescent Orange!

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Weights of Fat Rims, Hubs, Spokes, etc...