Hardtail Fat Bikes

Most-Affordable Custom Carbon Fat Bikes available and, according to Bike Rumor, also the lightest! Custom-built bikes at prices 25% lower than bike shops

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We proudly offer the world's lightest and most-affordable carbon fat racing bikes built one at a time here in Minneapolis, exactly how our customers around the world want them, and always at a price about 25% less than the bike shop.


A true carbon fat bike pioneer, we have tweaked the frame design slightly over time to make it light, agile, fast and comfortable. Our steep 70.5 HT angle makes for a quick and responsive handling bike, while the slightly longer 467mm chainstays give you great stand-up-and-hammer traction on the hills, more stable high handling, and better bump absorption.

We now offer 4 different fat bike frames to choose from, and soon we'll have a fifth in stock in our warehouse! Two frame designs can be had in either 177mm or 197mm rear-end axle spacing, the others are 197mm only. All of which can fit 5" tires and big 27.5 fat wheels.

Here are some sample kits below. But call us directly to customize exactly what you want!

     Sram XX1 with LaMere Carbon Wheelset: 21.8lbs

     Sram XO1 with LaMere Carbon Wheelset: 22.5lbs
     Sram GX 11spd with LaMere Carbon Wheelset: 23.25lbs
     Shimano XTR 11spd with LaMere Carbon Wheelset: 22lbs
     Shimano XT 11spd with LaMere Carbon Wheelset: 22.5lbs


* All the above weights are with wimpy HuskerDu tires, so add a pound to each build weight with real winter tread.

Add HED Big Deal or BFD wheels with new carbon Brickhouse hubs to any build for an additional $500.

Race Ready, Race Proven

Riding LaMere Fat!
Riding LaMere Fat!
Riding LaMere Fat!

Our fat bike frames have a racey 70.5 degree HT angle and 467mm chainstays for stability and awesome hill climbing traction.

See the Geometry Charts and Specs here.

Now Available:
The New SuperFat Frame!!

JP Superfat 3.jpeg

This new model is a 197mm rear axle spacing and a 150mm fork, can handle all the big tires: 27.5"x4.5", 26"x5.0", etc. Whatever you can throw at it, the SuperFat can take it. See the geometry and specs here.

sfat green cranks 1.jpg
Patel sfat 3.jpg

Another Fat Option: The Killer Whale 197

killer whale.jpg
LaMere Cycles custom carbon fat bike - The Killer Whale!

29+ Mode

LaMere Cycles custom carbon fat bike - The Killer Whale!

650b+ Mode

23.9lbs with Kuroshiro Rims

Fat Wheelsets

Tune hubs and HED carbon rim

Our partnership with Tune, Berd, HED and the top carbon rim factories in Asia allow us the unique ability to build the nicest fat bike wheelsets on the planet.

Hand built fat wheelsets using LaMere double wall carbon rims or HED rims.... paired with Onyx, I9, Tune, Hope, or DTSwiss hubs..... Revolution, Sapim, or polymer Berd spokes... we build the best!

Sample Weights
HED 85 rims, Brickhouse hubs, Berd Spokes: 1503g
LaMere 65 double wall rims, DT Rev Spokes: 1741g

More Info on FatBike Wheelsets here....

LaMere Carbon Rims


5" tires on our 85mm rims on our 177mm rear carbon fat bike

Surly Lou 4.8" tires on our 85mm rims fit fine with no chain/tire rub issues on our 177 rear end frame running Sram XX1 and a Race Face NextSL crank with flipped chainring mounted outboard style.

5" Surly Lou on the rear of our 177 frame on 85mm rims.

Surly Lou on the rear of our 177 frame on 85mm rims.


LaMere carbon 135 forks

135QR & 135TA

fat fork thru front-Edit.jpg

150mm TA

Our V2 150mm carbon fork

V2 150mm TA

We have carbon fat forks in both 135mm and 150mm widths available. The 150 forks are only available in 15mm QR thru-axle and are meant to be interchangeable with the Bluto, Lauf or Mastodon. The super light 135 forks are available in either QR or QR thru-axle.  Both versions have tapered steerer tubes. 150mm fork weighs 700g including the axle with uncut steerer tube, and 135mm forks weigh 540g with uncut steerer tube. Axle to Crown measurement of 468mm for 135 forks and 485mm for 150mm fork. Fork offset of 45mm for 135mm forks and 46mm for 150mm forks. Uncut steerer tube length of 300mm on the 135mm fork and 280mm on the 150mm fork.

V2 Fat

Frame Only Purchase

We sell our carbon hardtail fat V2 frames for $2200. Fat forks we charge $435 for, but only $160 if purchasing with a frame. Free shipping inside the continental USA, and we can provide any other parts you need at OEM prices.

LaMere carbon V2 Fatbike frame

Our new V2 fat frame comes in either 177 or 197 rear TA with dual axle position. Accommodates any modern suspension front fork. Weight of 19" frame is 1500g. Forks are not included with frame purchase, prices are above but price of a fork with a frame adds $160.

V2 197

buy now.jpeg

V2 177

buy now.jpeg

Our original V1 Frames are also still available, in 177 or 197 rear with replaceable rear dropouts allowing thru-axle or QR.

LaMere carbon 170/177 fatbike frame

V1  170/177

buy now.jpeg
LaMere carbon 190/197 fatbike frame

V1  190/197

buy now.jpeg

More Options

LaMere fatbike with 27.5 wheels and Lauf fork

All LaMere fat frames fit the big 27.5 fat bike wheel size. We have our own 27.5x75mm fat rims ready to go for you. We can do Lauf, Bluto, Mastodon, Wren, or any front suspension fork you want.

World's Lightest Fat Bike LaMere 19.85lb

Go ahead be a total weight weenie...we can build you the world's lightest fat bike at sub-20lbs with HED 85mm rims, Tune hubs, Berd spokes, and all the lightest stuff.

LaMere carbon fatbike with custom paint job

Custom paint jobs available!