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November 2023 from Gary:

Took the [Diode] out on Sunday with the crew...

Add another happy customer to your list!


Suspension feels so plush, somehow feels functionally light despite the extra weight and the electronic shifters are surprisingly pleasant.


Others rode it and loved it. Now they're considering purchasing. :-)


Keep up the great work.

Sept. 2023 from Stéphane:

Good morning hi...

Just let you know I'm really proud to ride the bike [the eSummit] that you build for's really crazy and faster than Pivot Shuttle XTR.

July 2023 From Caleb:


[The eSummit] everything I hoped for and is performing consistently great.  Not sure where I end and the bike begins.  It’s super plush but feels tight and responsive.  

It’s a beautiful machine.



June 2023 From George:

Ronny came back from his trail ride from mile 12 to Bear Lake (mile 6) with little spiral fireworks in his eyes. This is a technical, steep trail and he rode the whole thing both ways in boost mode and had two bars left over.

This bike is a winner and can’t be beat in the fat tire e-class.

February 2023 From John:

Having a little bit more of an extended visit this time I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your personal attention to customer service. At late hours, on what should have been your day off (Sunday) I watched you devote several hours to making sure [the] eSummit was perfect. Taking extra time to do your magic and set up his summer rims and provide a thorough orientation to the bike itself was pretty darn impressive.
Whatever you do, know that what you do, your attention to detail is certainly appreciated by myself and I simply wanted you to know!
Thanks, for my build and for taking care of adjusting my motor outputs so I didn't lose assist in Sunday’s event, as that would have killed my hips!
Just loving the build and the bike!

April 2022 From JB in Ontario:

The new DIODE V4 performs as good as it looks! In fact I love everything about the bike and the build! The Di2 electronic shifting is one of the highlights. It is fast and precise. The FOX 38 Factory Fork in combination with the rear Fox Shock seem to work together to smooth out the roots, rocks and drops along the trail and combine with the new Shimano Motor, the LaMere Carbon Rims and the Maxxis Tires I selected, to create an incredibly smooth ride.

While I absolutely still love my old Diode and am keeping it for sure, this new upgraded version, exceeds every expectation I had and I am so happy I made the decision to add another LaMere e-Mtb to my inventory. JP, I consider myself lucky to have come across you and your Company. Your philosophy, and genuine commitment to customer service means more to me than you could ever imagine. Liam, your attention to detail and managing the email/phone call interface with me during the build process, was never taken for granted and also much appreciated.
However, the un-sung hero in all of this, has to be you Shea! I know you take pride in every "Build" that you are responsible for, and both of my Diode's, are as good as they are, because you took your time and paid special attention in their assembly. To say the least, I am a very happy and satisfied LaMere "CUSTOMER" and will do everything I can to continue to promote your shop and the leading edge bikes you are capable of building.

Feb. 2022 From Tim N in New Mexico:

The Bike Is a MIND far the most fun I have had on a bike in my 50 years of cycling!

I am blown away by how awesome the eSummit is… it makes going uphill fun!…Railing thru the corners with Fat Tire grip-tion is a blast... Too much enthusiasm to express [in] a brief letter but I assure you I am completely stoked.

From Terry L. in North Carolina:

Holy moly, JP.

I just rode 30 miles and I'm speechless. It feels like I'm riding a different bike (I'm running the same type of tires so it's not due to changing rubber). Bumps are not as disruptive as before (I'm not sure if that is the wheels or the way the Onyx hubs engage or both). Pedal effort has been significantly reduced...So much less effort when I need to pick up speed or when I'm starting out...I love the hubs too, everything feels smoother than with my I9 hubs. I really liked the I9 hubs, but these contest. Obviously the bike is noticeably lighter too...Easily the best money I've spent on the bike...I'm stoked to ride it again!



02.2020 from Peter S. in Australia

It was with some trepidation that I placed the order for my LaMere MTB.  There was a sense of vulnerability as I am located in Brisbane, Australia and I knew that I had very limited recourse to any after sales services or mismatched expectations.  I need not have worried.  Despite the complexities of my specific build requests, nothing was too much trouble.  I was particularly impressed with the speed of the email responses – 99% were overnight!!  The bike arrived and far exceeded my expectations.  Their honesty, integrity, professionalism and knowledge are of the highest order.  I have no hesitation in giving them my highest recommendation. 

01.29.20 from Brad R.

Interbike 2016 I met JP LaMere at the dirt demo where I recognized “the lightest fat bike in the world”. I was super sceptical that such a claim would actually turn out to be so good. The second I pedaled this fat bike my face erupted into the biggest smile – I thought to myself “are you kidding me… this bike is amazing!”

So I had to have one… and JP set me up with the perfect build.

Its been 3 years now and I have ridded this bike a like a crazy obsessed person… In the past 10 days I have ridden it 4 times on snow covered paths and single track and each ride has been over 3 hours each ride and no ride has been shorter than 50 kilometers. (over 220km on these 4 rides about 14 hours of riding)

JP I just wanted to thank you again for building such an amazing product.

I find myself on these long rides exactly back to when I first tried the bike smiling in disbelief that a fat bike can be this good.

Comparing your LaMere Fatbike to every other Fatbike is like comparing a Koenigsegg to all other cars. The LaMere is so far above everything else.

JP thanks again for your innovation and amazing quality.

8.27.19 from Ken M.

I will, I will say this JP your customer service is spot on. I have never had costumer service where my questions and concerns were addressed so quickly.

7.4.19 from Chris H.


Bike arrived this week and I put it together this weekend…assembly was a snap.

The bike is fabulous…frame is exceptional and components are all top shelf.  Can’t wait to get some hours on it!

Was a pleasure working with you on this and I look forward to reaching out to LaMere for future business!


7.1.19 from Dale I.

I just got home from San Diego and picked up my bike! I just tried it in the parking lot wearing my flip flops and it’s super Bitchen! I’ll take it on the trails in a little bit. It’s a fair amount taller than my large Norco Sasquatch, but I like the way it feels and the clearance with the 27.5s is killer. Thanks again for working with me. I’ll give you a report after I really ride it! Also, wondering what you might have hanging around, perhaps used in either 26 or 27.5 wheels in carbon and some cranks in carbon that would upgrade my Norco bike? I’m keeping that to loan to my buddies or for a back up, but short something seriously breaking on my new one, I can’t imagine me riding anything besides what you just built for me. Let me rush at all. Have a great week! Cheers!

06.14.2019 from James B.

Hi JP and Shea,

It has been a terrible spring here in Ontario, cold, wet and inconsistent so I haven't been doing as much MTB as I would have expected. However, that all changed this week as we are staying in an area called Sauble Beach and I have been exploring some pretty awesome local trails. Speaking of awesome, the DIODE is just that! It is everything I could have hoped for and then some. It takes MTB (for me) to a much higher level and makes riding even the most challenging trails possible and FUN!

I did post a couple of videos on my facebook page and I am still planning to do a "Video Walk-a-round" review of the bike and some of the features I really appreciate.

However, that being said, I felt compelled to let both of you know just how much I LOVE this bike!


04.01.2019 from Justin S.

Hey y'all, just wanted to drop you a line after finally getting the 650b Enduro out on the trail for the first time. Now while it was an easy trail I am getting back into the swing of things after a long hiatus. I grew up mountain biking and have been riding since the late 80s and have had Giants, Gary Fishers and old school Made in the USA Cannondale's but I have to admit that the bike I received from y'all rides excellent and got lots of looks. Thank you for your honesty and quality. I look forward to many miles on this bike and commend you for providing a qualiy product that is affordable. Thanks again had take care of yourselves. Justin

03.14.2019 from Diode Customer

Hi, JP. While I took a little creative liberty by making it sound like I had you "BUILD" my DIODE bike as a custom ride as opposed to buying it as a demo I think you will like my post. I did so, as I wanted to emphasize the "CUSTOM BUILD" opportunity your shop provides. That aside the real focus of my post was to give credit where credit is due, and that my friend is to you!.  

Thanks again for everything! Sharon and I are so glad we had the opportunity to meet you and Shea in person. 

I know I will absolutely LOVE the bike, but I feel I have also gained a friend and who knows what the future holds...maybe an adventure on a sailing cat in the BVI, where I can return the favor and teach you to kiteboard.

I also wanted to invite you to become a "Friend" on my Facebook page. That way you can check out my post about our trip to pick up the bike and scroll further back to March 2018 and check out my post about our trip to the BVI.

Just post a request to be a "Friend" and I will accept.

Thanks and have a great day! JB



01.25.2019 from John B in Canada

I first came across your Co. a year ago and although I didn't buy from you then, I was both intrigued and impressed by what I saw and read on your website. From the background messaging and your stated business philosophy to the many genuine customer testimonials, I knew that one day I would likely visit your product line again and have you build me a bike. Even though the bike I chose was a 2018 demo and didn't have to be custom built I know I am going to LOVE it! 

However, the real reason for this email is to simply congratulate you on your genuine and professional approach to "Customer Service". Even though we haven't met in person, I know from what I have read, our email exchanges and our one and only phone conversation that I made the right decision. I also know that I am going to thoroughly enjoy the new "Customer/Business Owner" relationship I have struck up with you and LaMere Cycles. 
Because I ran my own business in Canada for over 35 years, and I am 66 years of age, I know many Companies out there pay lip service to the idea of providing exceptional "Customer Service", but few really do, and I already know LaMere Cycle is one of them. 

Thanks for that! 

12.10.2018 from James R.

Hey jp,

Got the wheel today.  Thanks, it’s perfect.  You truly have the best guarantee of any bike on the market.  It didn’t come before the ride today so I couldn’t show off the The Dope”.  However I had a long conversation with one of my riders, Steve L, who is interested in a new fat bike.  I was going to let him try out mine but couldn’t.  Anyway, I think I have him convinced to get one from you.  I told him about the wheel and how you were taking care of it.  He seemed pretty convinced. 


Anyway thanks again, Jim

12.3.2018 from David W. in Bragg Creek, Canada

Hey JP LaMere, Thank you so much for building this Fat Bike for me. It is light, agile and with the cassette, climbs anything.  At 75 I need all the help I can get. Gotta to love LaMere. Bless you!

11.18.2018 from Ryan in Missoula

Hi JP!! Love the bike! Perfect fit for my riding style .  Very light and responsive ! Just wanted to email and say thanks for the build and the sweet jacket/ Jersey ! Loving everything about LaMere cycles ! I will be a advocate/ salesmen for LaMere cycle as people ask me about the bike!     Thanks, Ryan 

02.20.18 from Brian C in Mpls re the Dopamine:

I took the Dopamine out for the first time this weekend and again!!  You know how to build a bike!

12.5.17 from Roger W

Well, I am 3.5 years late to the party.... I read this thread and JP's answers about 6 month ago. I consequently ordered one of the LaMere frames with a Lauf fork - for the sick looks... In fairness, it is a Boost and not a fat bike... I am quite sure I have NOT seen that frame anywhere else under any other brand, but on the Lamere page. Only one way to describe my experience with JP and Shea from LaMere bikes: awesome and super professional!!! First you get a frame that looks super se*y and works like a charm - stiff and great geometry. And you get all of this for a much lower price than you would get from the big brands... What you further get is an enormous support from the LaMere guys while and after building up the bike. I had a lot of - self-inflicted - little issues building the bike, not being a professional mechanic, but doing this as a hobby. I am sure I almost drove Shea - he is LaMere's mechanic - insane with all my questions and issues.. But really excellent service and the patience of a saint... 
Thanks guys for making this purchase possible and assisting me all the way... 

If you are thinking about buying decently priced carbon fatty or Boost bike - wait no longer... LaMere is worth the cash....

8.31.17 from Tocko

Gentlemen, Full report... most relaxing ride I have ever had at Battle Creek. Amazing machine! All worked as planned, no bike issues first ride.

Total weight with peddles 26.1 pounds. not even a full pound heavier than my full ridged orbea. Orbea weighted in at 25.3 pounds.

Are the bars cut as narrow as they can be?

What else can I say, but truly spectacular all the way around.

Great job on the build, and everyone will want one of these!

Hopefully see you at the races.

Any group ride toss me in on the e-mail chain-love to head out with you sometime.


8.1.17 from Doug T in WI

 JP,  Thank you for the outstanding customer service you and Shea have always provided for me. In this day and age it's hard to find businesses that take care of the customer the way you do at LaMere Cycles. From the first phone call I really respected how there was no pressure or return phone calls asking me if I wanted to purchase the bike. It takes me along time to make big decisions and I really appreciated the no hassle business deal. This past weekend after only riding The Killer Pearl on a race coarse pre-ride the day before, I managed to get my first podium the next day on TKP. I took 2nd place. I want to thank you & Shea for building me the perfect beast! I love my bike. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you for your time and have a great day! Doug

7.24.17 Brett S from Australia

Just a bit of feedback on how much I love my Killer Whale fat bike you made for me recently. Couldn't be happier with this bike, it has given me fun times, and there is more to come. Even though my background is mostly road bike riding, and recently back from 2 weeks of challenging mountain rides in the Italian Alps and Dolomites, I would have to rate yesterdays ride on the fat bike, of easy trails, and a beach ride, and good friends as one of the most enjoyable rides ever.

7.3.17 Mark C in Minnesota after switching from 907 fat frame to LaMere fat frame:

First impressions after 30 minute ride, while 907 memory was still strong.  Weighed bike -- it is about 300 grams lighter..  Compared to the 907 Eagle Whiteout XX1 (I have 2) it is lighter, equally stiff and handles almost exactly the same.  The frame design is obviously better/stronger. Build quality better.  Just a better value for the money.

6.30.17 Rod O. regarding Dopamine:    Without question the most fun bike I've ever been on!!

6.22.17 Scott P in Canada:  Just thought I'd let you know that I'm still rocking one of your original frames / wheels and it's still winning races!

Took home first in a 63km enduro race - I haven't even trued the wheels since they left your shop years ago - still tight and straight


6.19.17 Tom S in Colorado:   Hello JP, Just finished the Lumberjack 100 this weekend on the LaMere F170, bike handled flawlessly and it rolls so fast in the downhills, tough to brake following full suspension, but this beast is incredible! Finished 9th in the first NUE race with a Fat Bike Category, thanks to Rick Plite for adding this Cat to the sign up. My best time on a mountain bike was 9:22 and this weekend I finished in 8:53 on the Fatty. Finished the Mohican 100k on the F170 two weeks ago, and that course is crazy technical. Only two of us on Fatty’s at the Mohican!


Thanks for designing an incredible bike!


6.14.17  Jose U from Argentina:  I own already several bikes (road, e-bike and MTB, btw the LaMere is just spectacular. Most fun bike I've ridden in my life period)


6.13.17 Anthony M  from Florida:  JP, I just wanted to thank you again for the fat bike, it is amazing. Also thank you very much for hooking me up with the Lauf, got it installed with the star ratchet upgrade and had a chance to get out on the trails. The bike performs so well. I couldn't be happier with the choice of bike and it gets complements from everyone that sees it.


Look forward to doing business with you again. Also I have attached a pic of my bike, feel free to use it for any media you would like.


5.30.17 James H from Wisconsin:  Thanks for the great bikes JP.  The hill we call "Impossible Hill" has escaped my skill and bike capabilities for three years.  Today, with your bike and the Eagle system Shea installed I made another attempt and the climb was successful!   Then, two of my biking friends used this bike and also made the climb!  I think it says a lot for the LaMere bikes being the greatest bikes on the planet.  Thank-you!   Jim

01.28.17  Virgil C from Grand Junction, CO: Hey JP, Got the bike yesterday morning. Got it together and did a really quick ride. Rides great, shifts smoothly and no brake adjustments needed. Bigger ride planned later today. Really excited for the places I will ride on this bike! Thanks for the smooth and fast ordering process.


11.9.16  Doug T from Wisconsin:  Thank you guys! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I love my bike! When I get the black seat post collar I will be posting my some pictures with a shout out to you guys! People are stopping me on the trails. I'm a great ambassador :) my friends are calling me Doug LaMere.


Brad R from Calgary, Canada: Thanks JP its been a great experience meeting you and working with you.

Thanks again, Brad



Jeff M from Wisconsin:   Thanks for all you have done to help me get my new bike situated. You truly do put your customers wants first.

Ron M from Reno, NV:  Hey JP, this is Ron from Washoe Valley, Nevada and really liking my new bike. It is way more capable than I thought a HT would be around here. Just a powerful bike, grippy and easy to ride. Holding up well too. Anyway, a fun ride and thinking about dumping my FS as this bike is right now a quiver of one.... 


8.8.16 Seth J from Appleton, WI:   Regarding the Dopamine, Honestly,  I was floored how well it rode! I did almost nothing to set the suspension.  I set the pressure for correct sag on the rear and front and a few turns in from full fast rebound and thats it. Rear shock settings are how they came... I love the tires so far! Plenty of traction, easy to pedal and no crazy self steer. My concern about the head angle being too steep, gone!  With a longer travel fork it feels spot on.


8.1.16 James M:  Hi JP-  I'm James, I emailed last winter about a new fat bike. My wife and I stopped by in April and had a great visit- we were super impressed with the bikes and no-pressure just hang out vibe!


Jim K Pottstown, Pennsylvania: After about 90 minutes of riding...single track, double track gravel... Up hills...the bike preformed very well!  The Lauf fork is excellent...what I hoped it would be.  It feels fast!

  I will send you photos and comments once I put in some miles.  I will have more questions.   Thanks for making such a fantastic bike.  My wife will check it out soon and I hope she will want one.

I just want to tell you that I am very happy with the bike.  The Lauf shock does what I had hoped, everything else is excellent:  brakes, hubs, gearing, frame….all parts are beautiful.  Besides my wife, I may know a friend up in Alaska who might be interested.  I will keep him informed for the details of my bike.  Photos and comments to come!

Happy cyclist!



Ted S., Vermont: Hi JP, Did a few rides so far and really love the bike.  I have a pivot 429 set up the same way with 27.5 plus boost front but with a Fox 34 fork.   Here is some feedback: Frame and shock.   Your frame and RS Shock plusher by far and at no expense for isolating pedal bob.  To be fair, the fox shock on the pivot may need servicing but the difference in small bump performance was significantly in your favor.     I weigh 220 and love the pivot cause it's super stiff.  I expected some flex from your frame but felt none.   Compliments!   


6.20.16 Calvin  Calgary, Canada: Hey JP, Sounds like business is going well. I just WON the FAT bike 8 hour Trans Rockies event in Golden BC on Saturday. Again your bike is so light and rocks!

6.6.16  Steve T San Antonio, Texas:  Keep cranking out great bikes and giving great customer service!  I've told all my riding buddies about you and they are amazed a fat tire bike can be so light!  You guys are awesome!


Brandon K in Minneapolis, MN:   Hey Jp!, I never had a problem with your road bike flexing, dropped chains, or tire clearance. Your buddy should get one! Seriously, I really appreciated the deal you gave me when I broke my first cervelo, because your bike is a great bike: light, stiff, inexpensive! I enjoyed being able to race crits one day and squeeze some 28's in the frame the next day and take it on gravel. I only sold it since my teammate was getting rid of his S5, a team bike, and Abby wouldn't let me keep two race bikes in the house :(. Sorry for the delayed response, I've been working nights and it's been crazy at the hospital lately. I'll keep sending folks your way!

All the best,  Brandon


5.10.16  Stan F. Culver City, CA  JP, My brother did not know what to say, he was so psyched. He did say bike week is next week, and he might ride it into work on Friday and blow away his Boeing scientist coworkers. Built up my bike today, JP. I was pretty amazed at the care in assembling and packaging of the bike. I put on my full carbon saddle, and XT Trail pedals. I don't know about the unpadded carbon saddle. I tried it on the Klein, it was too minimal for my skinny butt. Will try it on the LaMere. The bike is significantly lighter than the RS-1 bike; I'm trying to figure out the main reasons for that.


Thanks JP for the whole buying process. It started when I first saw your YouTube clip on the 19 pound hard tail, and I asked a question and you responded. Funny, that at the time, I was not really looking to buy, but just seeing what was out there. Hopefully you have many more customers who become attracted to LaMere and end up buying a bike (or two, or four). You must be doing something right!!


4.30.16 Larry M Pittston, PA:  The bike is fantastic JP. I think the best bike I have ever ridden. Beats my scalpel ultimate.

Thanks so much for all that you've done.



5.2.16 Steve L Mill Valley, CA

Thanks JP. I appreciate the type of service your shop offers. Small enough to work with the customer on an individual basis, but large enough to streamline the process through repetition, through knowing what will, and what will not, work. The result for me, and I am sure for all the customers as seen with their bikes on your website, is happy customers with no buyer remorse. And I believe when you say that my brother and I will love these bikes, that it is true.

Your YouTube clips goes a long way in helping the customers formulate their decisions, while seeing yourself and Josh the mechanic and Shea the rider really helps put a face on LaMere Cycles. I really cannot recommend anything, except to ignore any unsubstantiated feed back, and continue in all the positive aspects that promote a further growth in your company along with happy customers. Thank you so much for the deal on the RS-1. It is true that it is an excellent offering, and rest assured it will be in good hands - ones that appreciate your business.


2.15.16 Matt R. Truckee, CA

I forgot to mention the mounting experience, never been able to set a bead without putting a tube in first. Well both popped on with no tube, that's a huge bonus, I guess you get what you pay for....happy customer. :P

1.8.16  Caleb S. Tinmouth, VT

JP, Got the bike and put it together. What a beauty!! I love bicycles and I know I'm going to really enjoy this one.

Unfortunately we have a really hard icy crust over just a few inches of snow. Very slick but it is suppose to warm and soften up a bit.

This is the first bike that I haven't built up myself in twenty years. You made it so easy. I enjoyed  doing business with you. Thank you



12.18.15  Mark P. Salt Lake City, UT

JP, WOW!  All good; no issues. 25.1 with pedals and fully built. Maiden voyage this morning; TERRIFIC!  Will proudly wear the beanie and send some pics… Thanks again and if anyone needs a “reference” please feel free to send them my way!


Paul B

Hope you guys are doing well.  First of all, I have been very-very happy with my 29XC bike I bought almost 2 years ago.  Have been beating the crap out of it and it is doing fantastic.  Very happy and have been highly recommending it to other people.



12.5.15   Chad W. Green Bay, Wisconsin

The bike rocks. I rode 36 miles on lame (non-dirt) trails this morning. Then got super muddy this muddy this afternoon on another ride. It climbs beautifully (unless the bud is packed with wet, sloppy mud...). Really like it JP. Need snow!

Best, C


11.30.15  Anna B. New Brighton, PA

Really loving your fast responses. I have to say I think you have a great business model and there is a lot of need in the market for what you are doing. The obsession over supporting your LBS over mail-order-bad guys is so outdated and invalid. Sure there are important reasons to support the local shops and I do that. But I shouldn't be chained to them when an entrepreneurial guy like you is selling better value with more customization and excellent customer service. Have read quite a bit of reviews and forum posts on you and your products, and I guess it was tough sledding at first, but it seems like people are slowly waking up to the benefits. Congrats on making it a success (I hope it is a financial success!).


My bike geekiness? I've been in and out of the industry. I've been riding and racing various disciplines since about 2005, mtb, cross, road, DH, etc., and have worked for a bike shop, an internship at Specialized, two seasons in pro road racing, and most recently working at Skratch Labs. I left it all to move back to PA to work in my family's steel manufacturing business. That means I'm not on the pro deal bro deal industry pricing gravy train anymore and it hurts! :) I used to be a lot more up on the latest tech and really knew the nitty gritty, and I have fallen behind the last few years. Trying to keep up!


10.10.15  Mark S. Farmington, NM

Good morning JP.

I wanted to get back to you and let you know how much I appreciate the professional process that you have for your on line bike sales/ build.  I received the bike this past Wednesday and got the first ride in Thursday.  Although it was only 12 miles, it was on our local single track and the ride quality felt great. The frame qualities felt solid but yet compliant in all the right places.


When purchasing a product with this price point it is always a concern doing it sight unseen but it was certainly a comfort knowing that you are also a brick and mortar bike shop and your Facebook/ Web Page were a wealth of information and so thorough.  It was also great to see your sponsorship and support of the local riders in your area.


Thank you again for such  a seamless process and your attention to detail and feedback during the build. What a world this would be if all small business owners ran their program as well as you do.


11.10.15 Chris B in Michigan

Hey JP, Things are going well in SE MI.

I make it to the podium this past weekend at the Iceman Cometh races in Traverse City MI. Can't wait for the snow to start falling. Thanks building a great bike!

Take care, Chris B


8.15.15 Craig S regarding his new LaMere disc brake road bike:

Took the bike out for a test ride Thursday after work 23 miles 2,700' vert. everything looked and road great, love the disc brakes. Very Happy Thanks for everything.


7.27.15 Sam O. from Iron Range, MN

Also I just want to bring you up to date on how my LaMere full suspension has been performing this season. Over the course of the season it has seen seen some extreme condition including dust, mud, 90+ F races and through all of this it has performed perfectly. Two weeks ago I traveled to Mammoth Lakes California to participate in the US MTB National Championships in which I took 15th in the Short Track and 26th in the Cross Country. Bring closer to home, this past weekend I raced in the WORS Cup, which is part of the Pro XCT tour, in which I won my first Cat. 1 Cross Country event and took second in the Short Track by a half of a bike length.


6.2.15  Warren S. Los Angeles, CA

Hey JP,  It's warren.  Just wanted to say thank you!!  The bike is so freaken awesome man.  I can't believe how light it is.  Stiff!  Lefty is super cool!!  Was a little worried about the xx1 on super steep problem!!!

Will send you some photos soon.  Any future bikes I will get through you.  Might also have some friends interested.  Thanks!



3.8.15 Mike Hall Minnesota (dad of Jeff Hall our sponsored Pro rider):

Mike Hall Team effort from all corners...Louise Austin & Melissa Carlton Hall, Jp Buzzy LaMere, Joshua Sweet for the support and positive encouragement.LaMere Cycles have been, simply the best sponsor that adds to the success of Jeff Hall. Winter Fat Tire Racing in the elements and conditions that we encounter makes one feel alive...or it will kill ya...haha. Good Luck to all the Fat Tire Riders out there, I'm going out on an adventure ride tonight on my LAMERE Fat bike.. The High Life!

I'm going out on a limb here but after 33 years of riding mountain bikes starting in 1981...this is as of today, the most Mike Hall bike I have ever rode. I am all about the adventure with the speed and the best equipment I can get my hands on. Buzz, this bike rocks.


2.23.15 Hod D. Minneapolis, MN

Yeah, I biked in the morning – I think it was 7 below or something crazy like that and early enough to need lights.   Watched the morning light come up over the city.  Beautiful.  I actually had too much on so I just goofed around for an hour so I wouldn’t sweat too much and then chill to the bone.  Did some errands, then I went back out about noon (it had warmed up to about 3 below- yeah!) with less on and did some laps up at Theo Wirth.   I can sneak around the East side of Cedar Lake and am basically on single track 95% of the ride.  The northern part of Theo in particular is still in really great shape.  What a blast these fat bikes are to ride!   Have any prospective buyer call me for a testimonial about your bike.  Light weight, surprisingly quick acceleration… unbelievably nimble for something that looks so outrageous.  The Bud and Lou are a great combo for traction.  In a word, the whole experience is Awesome!


Jeff S. Buena Vista, CO on 1.5.15:

I really like what you are doing with full custom builds.  I bought the bike spec'd exactly as I wanted rather than pay $5k+ for a stock high end fat bike with wheels, tires, or components that I dont like (Borealis, Salsa, Specialized) or wait months for the bike to become available.  When the LaMere shows up on my doorstep it will not need an upgrade of ANYTHING.  Swwwweeeeeeeet!


Charlie E in Vail, CO on 1.18.15

Mr LaMere, I am happily posting this pic at 11,600 ft on Independence Pass. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help JP. Love this thing!

Jim H on 1.18.15

JP, I really want to thank you and your team for this absolutely awesome bike. Today for the first time I rode the WinMan snow covered trail and the bike performed almost unbelievably well. It was effortlessly to run fast over the snow. This is an amazing new sport for me.... It could easily become my favorite sport!

My friend was running a Surly bike with a 5" front and 4" rear.... Way back.... In fact way way back. He rode the LaMere and I think you will be hearing from him.

Again, thank you so much!


Chuck C in Dewey, AZ on 11.16.14

Hello JP. First ride today- 18 miles. Best bike I've ever ridden!


From Joakim in Sweden on 11.12.14


The bike cost me a fortune cus I had to pay up another 2000$ to clear the custom. But I allmost forgot about it when i finally had the wheels and could assemble the bike. It looks real bad ass! And I completely forgot about the price after the first test run! It bullet itself over the roty and bumpy trails, I love it!! Probably the best bike I've ever had:-) I will post you a pic within a few days.

Regards Joakim


From Mark F on 10.24.14 in Lighthouse, FL

Hey JP!

Just wanted to let you know that the bike arrived in pristine shape and I just finished putting her together. About ready to take a little cruise but I wanted to thank you one more time. I'll update you soon. Have a great weekend!



9.6.14 Dick A. St. Paul, MN

JP, Just wanted to tell you how great the bike has been!  I've been getting quite a few hours on it and the single track trails have been really amazing and a great learning experience.  The bike's performance has been also amazing; the handling and the brakes in particular make the experience really outstanding.  I haven't crashed it yet, but I have caught the pedals in the rock gardens at Lebanon Hills, scratching up the crank arms a bit.  I think the 2.35 tires are a good thing, and they sure are cushy.  The lefty fork is dealing with the rocks, roots, and logs really well - I wonder, do I have to add some air pressure at some point? Should I adjust the rebound and would that be advantageous?  I've been running 25-30 lbs. pressure for  both of the tires and that seems to be pretty soft but gives a lot of grip.  


9.6.2014  Dan D. on his fat bike:

Hey JP, It's been a while now & I figured I better let you know how much I freakin love this bike!!  I can't believe how great it rides - the stiffness of the rear thru-axle is amazing!  It just feels faster than anything I've ridden so far.


4.29.14 Kirk F in Doral, FL

Hey JP, Went for my first ride yesterday and it was amazing. I am really pleased with the bike. Light and fast and handles well. Everyone that saw it so far fell in love.. lol..  I attached a pic for you of me and the bike and I will send more when I get a chance. Might even throw in a ride to show you a bit of Trinidad.

Thanks again buddy


4.15.2014 Tim P.

I recently had JP and Josh build me a new 29er. I love this bike! They are true professionals and very knowledgeable. Thanks soo much!


3.14.2014 David J. re: his disc brake road bike

“Got it. So beautiful! So fucking light even with discs. Dialing it In Tomorrow, riding on Sunday. Thanks JP, incidentally what's that extra dropout thingee for?”

Hey JP, I've finally got my bike together and went for a ride this weekend just gone. It was awesome. The rear suspension is far better than I was expecting. It feels 'bottomless' compared to my giant trance which had 120mm travel. By far the best bike I've ever ridden. I'll get some photos of the bike and myself on my local trails and send them to you soon.

dylan c.

1.21.2014 from Chadd M.

After being fit for my bike, the LaMere FS you sent in October, I have had some amazing rides, all dialing in the fit.  Yesterday, I took the bike on a 4 hour trail hopping ride, riding quickly enough to snag a KOMs and several top 10 performances.

Today, I rode a popular, 8-mile time trial segment in the area.  No one has done particularly well on this segment since the summer because erosion.  Making things worse, we’ve had two large trees that have fallen in the past week and quite a bit of rain.

Despite these obstacles, I rode the segment today faster than I ever have and 5th fastest, overall.  While my fitness has improve, I attribute all this to the fantastic bike we’ve built with the new suspension.

Just wanted to pass that onto you.


10.14.13 by Brad K

Brad wrote: "OK, Did 6 hours of Single track in Hayward over this past weekend. This bike is amazing. the SRAM, Lefty, and light frame feel so good. No complaints. Thanks Buzz...."

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